Happy to see chai...


Meena Dey





My late father was from India, so I grew up with Chai tea, as well as many wonderful Indian foods and treats. Many of these items were prepared from his memory-never written down-and, thus, I have to rely on my own to recreate these childhood wonders.

I am glad to see that Indian foods, like Chai, are gaining popularity in the U.S. since I do not have my father to ask. The Chai I grew up with was made solely from milk, with lots of BLACK cardamom added...some of the more "Americanized" types I have tried seem to be a little gung-ho on the number of spices...simple can be good.

Anyway, thank you for creating a website that not only teaches people about Chai tea, but adds a little knowledge of the country of my heritage.


Meena Dey