Don't laugh, but have you ever tried...







Yogi Tea's "Cold and Flu" Tea?

I let a friend of mine here at work try some of my Chai Masala in her tea - and she immediately pointed out that it tasted rather similar to the Cold & Flu tea I drink during the winter. Sure enough, almost all the same ingredients as Chai - with a lot of others thrown in, to boot, but still. Stupid me - I LOVE the tea, but didn't realise why!!

When I got home, I steamed up some milk & made Chai - using the Cold & Flu tea. Sure enough, it was quite delicious; it has peppermint, cayenne, and a lot of other herbs in it, which actually adds an interesting new blend of flavours to the mix.

Since the tea's available almost everywhere (at least in Cleveland, all the drugstores and many supermarkets carry it), it could help when a "quick fix" of Chai is just what the doctor ordered (and it helps keep you healthy, to boot, so....).

P.S. The coffee shop at the Galleria in Downtown Cleveland will probably start carrying Chai in October. The owner says he's getting a lot of requests for it..... ALWAYS REQUEST CHAI - the more we ask, the easier it will be to get!!!!

Now if the Arabica Coffee House carts at Jacobs Field would just start carrying Chai during Indians games......